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One of the first and most popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) programs available, Skype allows anyone to make free or cheap phone calls anywhere in the world over the internet. During peak times, Skype has over 23 million users online at any given instant, and now offers video and conference calls along with its original telephone service. The program also functions as a conventional instant messaging and file transfer service, and can now be used on mobile platforms as well as desktops and laptops.
Skype remains the most popular VoIP service by far, and it’s not surprising given the program’s extremely user-friendly and simple interface. The program’s initial set-up wizard guides you through the process with just a couple of easy to understand steps, and searching for friends via email or screen-name is made clear both by the wizard and by easy-to-locate buttons around the screen. This reviewer was able to make a call within five minutes of installing the program - and when you make your first call, you’ll understand why Skype controls the lion’s share of the VoIP market.
Call quality is crisp, clear and - for the most part - consistent, with even mid-range headsets giving audio quality comparable to most ordinary telephones on the market. Video quality, for its part, is usually pretty solid, although frames can lag once in a while. What’s most compelling is that you’re getting high-quality call service at no cost whatsoever - Skype doesn’t even serve ads on its interface. Even when you call a landline or mobile from your computer, Skype’s rates are highly competitive and rival even the cheapest phone cards available, making the value proposition very good indeed.

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